Are you down? Wind down summer and kick start Fall with by creating routine + ritual to get you feeling great and have fun doing it! 

Here are all the juicy details: 

Begins 9/1 through ends 9/30
Ultimate Goal: Take 12 class in September (totally do-able!)
There are some other tasks thrown in to make it fun

Complete the challenge (black out your board) and be entered to win prizes! Like a Jade Yoga Mat, Danielle Laporte Affirmation Deck, a gift certificate to the Bellabar and some other cool goodies! All new students that participate get sweet discounts on Unfold memberships. 

$5 buy in for monthly members
$79 for a month of yoga for non-members

Only 1 class per day. *exception of 1 day only. 
Get a friend to sign up (a non-members and get the month of September FREE).