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Prenatal Partner Workshop

Our Prenatal Partner Workshop is a unique, hands on approach to education and preparation. This is a fun, informative, class that you can take anytime during your pregnancy! (You will learn some great tips that are helpful to know early on in pregnancy).

In this workshop you will get the opportunity to connect to your partner or birth coach (this can be a mom, friend, doula, whomever!) and prepare for welcoming your little one into the world!

-We will discuss things to do in pregnancy to achieve optimal fetal positions (getting baby in an ideal position).

-Movement and poses that will help ease aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy.

-Relaxation and breathing techniques to start practicing now, for deep relaxation and preparation for the birth (and parenting) process.

-Massage techniques and labor positions.

-Tips for the birth coach.

There will also be helpful handouts, a reading list and a resource list to help you navigate the road ahead.

Pre-registration is required, as space is limited. Cost: $75 per couple.

*We will be moving, so wear something comfortable. We have extra yoga mats available for use.