Prenatal Library

Here are just some things that you may find helpful during and after pregnancy. I will continuously be adding to these resources so check back occasionally or stay up to date by following me on social (mainly Instagram + some Facebook). We do have some Instagram TV videos out there as well but expect to see videos and Meditations here soon!

What to Pack

This is pretty personal. But less is more. You do not want to lug a ton of stuff into the birth room and into postpartum and then back to the car… You get the point. Have your partner/birth coach pack the bag, as they will be getting into it more than you. It can also be helpful to pack 1 bag for birth and 1 bag for postpartum. After the birth, someone can switch out the bags and you have less stuff to deal with. But really, don’t over think it! Just pack, and have your bag ready to go, because babies are not tied to any so called “due” dates. Happy packing mamas!

Ways to Cope with Labor

This is a great list to help you think of different ways that you can cope with the sensations of labor.



These are a soothing addition to your postpartum prep supplies as they help heal and sooth a sore, swollen perineum in the days after birth.