Our Instructors


April Lovett 

Your teaching style:  A blend of yoga and functional movement, my classes are dynamic, with the goal of getting you to move your body in different ways, and to make sure that you feel amazing both physically and mentally when you step off your mat. I really enjoy helping people get out of their heads and into their body and seeing people all relaxed and glowy after class. 

In a few words, how did you find yoga? As an athlete, I found yoga in college and I didn't love it, but it really helped with anxiety and I loved how it made me feel. I kept up the practice and learned to love it. While doing yoga with my 1st pregnancy I decided  I finally wanted to take the steps toward trying to be a yoga teacher and use it as a tool to empower women. I also really wanted to be able to offer prenatal yoga to working moms, and to give moms-to-be more options, as it was so challenging for me to find a class. I quickly found that yoga was the perfect tool for creating community as it made people feel good and connected them back to themselves and those around them, hence Unfold was born. 

In your own words, what is yoga? Connecting to yourself and everything around you on a deeper level. It all comes back to how yoga makes you feel and interact with the world around you. 

Who is your favorite band/musician? RadioheadBright Eyes

What is your favorite food? Charcuterie

One random fact about you: I love creating things, I am crafty and I love design. 


Dolly Lin

Teaching style: Slow vinyasa flow.
In a few words, how did you find yoga? I came into Yoga in 2012 to find pain relief from cancer surgeries and radiation treatment.

In your own words, what is yoga? For me, Yoga is a source of comfort and empowerment.

Who is your favorite band/musician? My favorite band is Meat Beat Manifesto--best known for their song "Prime Audio Soup" in "The Matrix" film.

What is your favorite food? I love vegan udon noodle soup.

One random fact about you? I help the Monarch butterfly population by raising caterpillars indoors (safe from parasitic flies and wasps) and releasing healthy butterflies.


Isabell Laski

Teaching Style: My teaching style ranges from gentle flows, slow but strong flows, restorative and if it feels right, classes have a bit of humor. I tailor my classes for all-levels and they are beginner-friendly.
In a few words, how did you find yoga? My mom bought a yoga video when I was 12 and I did it with her. It sparked an interest as it made me feel peaceful. I practiced on and off until my job had me so stressed, I decided to take it to the studio. 

 In your own words, what is yoga? Yoga is a practice of meditation, movement and self-study. It can have a spiritual aspect if you invite it in. Otherwise, it is a journey of self-discovery, letting go and feeling at peace. 

Who is your favorite band/musician? I have so many. It ranges from Hall & Oates, Thundercat, Chromeo, Dean Martin, Madonna (80s & 90s), Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson.

What is your favorite food? Lumpia! 

One random fact about you? I am a fangirl: Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead! 


Elva Ku

Teaching Style: My teaching style is about embracing energy sharing. I blend strength and flexibility. Throughtout the practice, I offer adjustments, modifications, and optional essential oil massages.  I love seeing people who leave my class feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
In a few words, how did you find yoga? I found yoga a few years ago during a time when I was completely lost. I was fighting with health issues, dissatisfied with where I was in my career path other life stresses. I wanted to find a way out by learning something new. One day, I dropped in to try my first official yoga class at Unfold yoga and ever since, I grew into a happier heathy woman through my yoga practice and it has become a huge part of my life.

 In your own words, what is yoga? Yoga is about getting to a state when body and soul connect together so deeply through breathing and movement. That state allows  people to ease physical pain, release mental stress, find peace, or get deeper sleep.

Who is your favorite band/musician? M83  

What is your favorite food?  I am a foodie so everything except bananas 

One random fact about you?  I am a gemini and ambidextrous; grew up in the East and am now living in the West; studied science but work in the fashion industry. I guess adding it all up, I am a little bit traditional yet love making things creative and fun. 


Cecille Lamorena

Explain your teaching style: I love to flow. I love to move especially where it counters the day.  I like to create heat but that just means it helps prep relishing the moments to being still and chill.  

In a few words, how did you find yoga? It was a slow progression and yoga ebbed and flowed into my life during various stages of my life: as a college undergrad, as a new nurse, as a newlywed, and as a new mom.  It was after becoming a mom for a first time where I felt I needed yoga the most.  My son was a preemie and in the NICU for almost 2 months.  The experience literally took my breath away.  So I needed the outlet to reconnect to me, my breath and body.  It wasn't until I took my first 200 Hr teacher training where I felt the most connected to me. I was finding my voice again and as a bonus I found a new community of yogis/friends/mentors to share my practice.

In your own words, what is yoga? Yoga is CONNECTION.  It is connection to yourself, to your body, to your breath.  Yoga is connection to people and to the community around you.

Who is your favorite band/musician?  Band:  U2 / Boy Band:  98 degrees / Musician:  Ray LaMontagne

What is your favorite food? My mom's home cooking

One random fact about you? One of my bucket list items is to live abroad once again.


Thea Pueschel

Explain your teaching style: I teach from a problem-solving perspective. A lot of the patterns you've developed in your life and even in your yoga practice can contribute to the discomfort in your body. Cranky wrists, tight lower backs, you know the deal. Whether it's Core Strength Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin or Restorative I offer options, modifications, and suggestions so that you can find your unique expression whether chilling in a pose or fiercely flowing or rocking in your office chair. Advanced body mechanics and yoga puns are my jam, so if you are prepared to flow, laugh a little, release a lot and just feel good in the body you have today you'll enjoy my class. 

In a few words, how did you find yoga? I was a professional card player (curious? Ask me about it some time) and producing an independent film, I thought I was depressed or having a mental breakdown because life had lost its luster and I felt exhausted all the time it turned out had I fried my adrenals and thyroid from too much stress. I was looking for a way to get out of bed and live fully again.

In your own words, what is yoga? To quote Elvis Presley "Yoga is as yoga does." Our practice extends beyond the mat, it's not how we do a pose but what we learn on our way into it. Our mat often reflects how we live our life and vise versa. As our reactions change on our mat, our behavior changes out in the world. Yoga makes us present and connected. If you can breathe you can do yoga.

Who is your favorite band/musician? Danzig

What is your favorite food? Vegan Mexican 

One random fact about you? I am synesthetic which means, I have joined perception. This translates into some of my senses blend. 


Rebecca Aguilera 

Teaching Style: My style is Flow Yoga, I like to warm the body through movement, holding poses we may need extra attention but always finding a nice balance of movement throughout.
In a few words, how did you find yoga?I found yoga when I was a member at a Gym and thought, there has to be more to it than just Sweating and working out!

 In your own words, what is yoga? Yoga is Breath and Movement. I find my peace through movement that calls to me in that moment I step on to my mat.

Who is your favorite band/musician? No favorite band or musician. I love all Music.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is sushi.

One random fact about you? I Love to Sew!


Myra Duvall

Explain your teaching style: My teaching style tends to be a more active & every class is a little different.  I want everyone to feel like they have been challenged to be their best, that being said my classes are open to all levels. Just come ready to challenge yourself. 

In a few words, how did you find yoga? I originally came to yoga to combat the stress of a very demanding job & fell in love with the practice & how it made me feel.  I quickly learned to be present, to breathe deeply and to be patient with myself.  

In your own words, what is yoga? Yoga is the sweet and stern reflection of life.  Yoga is the ultimate gateway inward.

Who is your favorite band/musician?  I love all kinds of music & really don’t have a clear favorite.  I like to change up the music in each class.  I play everything from traditional yoga music to rock to classical .  Requests for music are always welcome. 

What is your favorite food? I love all kinds of food especially Italian. 

One random fact about you? I am a avid dog lover & advocate for adoption especially senior dogs.