Do you offer monthly memberships?
YES! We offer a variety of memberships. They are not listed online because we offer such variety and we can customize a membership for you to help you achieve your specific goals. You can schedule a Success Session with us or email us to see your options.

Do you have gift certificates?
YES! Click here to purchase a gift card to share the love.

What if I can't do everything in the class?
We offer small classes, so we can SEE the students in our classes and we can help you modify based on where you are today. It is OKAY if you are not doing exactly what the rest of the class is doing, this is your practice and it is just that, a practice. We are here to support you, where ever you are on your journey.

Do you offer hot yoga?
No, we heat the body from the inside out.

Etiquette to keep in mind:

  • Take off your shoes when you enter the studio. There are cubbies and a shoe rack for personal belongings.

  • TTYL. Cell phones off please! This practice is wifi free! Please, no cell phones on the studio floor. We want all of YOU during class, so leave the technological distraction in your bag and make sure it’s on do not disturb.

  • Unfold is a small studio without a formal lobby. Be mindful when you come into the studio, and do so quietly aware of your surroundings.

  • Keep talking to a minimum as class begins. Some people get to class early to relax and get in their zone, please respect that by keeping talking low just before class.

  • During class, some instructors give adjustments. These are feel-good adjustments. They are not done because you are doing the pose incorrectly, they are done to help you feel into a pose and to find deeper relaxation. If you prefer to not be adjusted during class, just let your instructor know.

  • Make sure to tell your instructor if you have any injuries. If you get injured during class let your instructor know right away.

  • Have fun + welcome to the fold!