What is a postpartum care kit and why do I need one? 

During pregnancy, we spend so much time focusing on the pregnancy and preparing for birth (as we should!) that we tend to forget to plan for postpartum. Planning for the postpartum period is a must. Learning about what to expect during this time and how to be best prepared for postpartum is essential in having a smooth (as smooth as it can be) transition into postpartum. Healing takes time, and there are some things that can help you as you move through the healing journey of postpartum. One of those things is a thoughtfully put together postpartum care kit. Below is a list of some of things you can put in your kit. 



Pads (variety of sizes) 

Sitz Bath (disposable) 

Sitz Bath Herbs (muslin bag) 

Lansinoh Hydrogel pads

Nipple Butter 

Large underwear (at least 3 pairs, once size larger)

Tucks Witch Hazel Pads (for hemorrhoids)  

Natural Calm Magnesium (or other stool softener) 

Dermoplast Pain Relief Spray 


What you need to make pad-cicles: 

Witch hazel 

2 large zip lock bag freezer bags 


This is just a snippet of what you need to prepare for postpartum, please make sure you do your research and prepare. The more your prepare the easier the transition will be. We have a class all about preparing for postpartum at Unfold AND there is a wonderful resource in: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality Kimberly Ann Johnson