Spotlight Unfold Founder April Lovett

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April is a mama of 2, yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher trainer, birth doula and childbirth educator. She founded Unfold Yoga in 2012. 

Denise Vite provided the great questions for this interview. Thank you Denise! 

What is one thing you want your daughters to learn from you? I want my daughters to see that they do not have to be the status quo, they can be different and do things out of the box and still be happy, successful, strong, independent women. Normal is boring and there are so many ways to get to where you think you want to be and be flexible as you navigate this path.

How do you handle business failures or setbacks? Keep on swimming, keep on swimming. Seriously, it is like this: okay this did not work, this person was not happy, why does this keep happening? this sucks, today sucks, why do I do this again? Just keep going, try something else, don’t take it personally. It is hard, but it is the only option. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.

What does it mean to you to unfold into your authentic self as a mom? This is such a good question! I think that unfolding in to your authentic self as a mom is to connect really deeply to the core of who you are, and not lose that as you navigate motherhood. You will change and grow but do things that keep you connected to your true self. It is so easy to get lost on this journey but staying connected to you is key to unfolding into motherhood and growing as a person. You can stay on track by doing things that light you up, taking time out to breathe, and create or find a supportive community. 

How do you think women can strive to be more supportive toward each other in the business world? I really believe that women need to support each other more and compete and compare less. We are our greatest competition. We should ask each other how we can support each other’s businesses; how can we work together to create collaboration and community. Comparison needs to be dropped, just do you, and do not under any circumstance copy or steal ideas. Be authentic and focus on what you what, on what you can do, do it to the best of your ability; and make an effort to create a strong supportive community.