Spotlight with Reiki Master Nicole Higashi

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Nicole from Higashi Healing is Unfold's resident Reiki practitioner. She is a Reiki Master, dancer and mama. Nicole offers private and group reiki session, classes and Reiki trainings at the studio. 

What does work life balance look like to you?Work + Life + Balance.... Is that even possible? Like, real life possible? Haha! All kidding aside, the thing I am noticing (when I give myself the space to step back and observe) is that for each work-heavy day/week, there is a life-heavy day/week that follows. That alone has a sort of balance to it - and it's probably as close as I will get right now, as I navigate through the ever-changing needs of both my business and young family. For me, allowing the ebb and flow, peaks and valleys, has been enormously important. There is no one right way for things to be and/or get done, and if it seems to be working, I'll take it as a "win"... for now. ;)

How do you make time for self-care? It's interesting and very new, but right now, the way I am making time for self care includes a lot of saying no. Which is actually crazy hard, uncomfortable, and scary to do... I feel like we as women are conditioned to say "yes" to EVERYTHING. And if we don't, we feel like we are failing in some way. But, when I am depleted, it's my family who suffers and I'm just sort of done with that. It's more important to me to be present and available as my best self, not some scrappy left-over version and this awakening experience, has begun a huge shift in our lives.  

Mom guilt? It is a dirty word, but do you experience it and how do you deal? Pretty sure that "guilt" was my middle name for most of my life. And, after having my first child, it was the "Nicole guilt show"... I didn't let myself do anything outside of being a caregiver... and that didn't serve ANYONE. I've since learned that mom's happiness/mental well-being is key when it comes to creating a peaceful, happy, loving home. I definitely still have moments, but I also realize that if I am beginning a sentence with the dreaded "S-word" (should) that it is probably stemming from that guilt-fear-self-shaming place, and I do my best to catch things in that moment and STOP the negative spiral. Then, I forgive myself... for going there, for thinking (even just the teeniest instant) that I would ever intentionally hurt or let down my children. I am learning to embrace that I am a mom, but not "just" a mom and I am trying to celebrate accomplished goals WITH my kids. I'd love for them to learn now that being multifaceted is a great thing and that they are capable of anything... just like mom.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Absolutely nothing you are experiencing now is as serious as you are making it. Everything you have "figured out" or think you "know" will change... and then change again. And, the greatest thing about that is: it's totally okay. Laugh more, sleep (a lot) more, and play more. This time will go by too fast... enjoy it.

Visit Nicole's website Higashi Healing for more information on her services.