Why take a childbirth education class?


Who needs to take a class when we have the Internet? When we have read a few books? Maybe you are planning on getting an epidural or you trust your doctor to tell you what to do. 

As a mom, a mom who became a birth professional because of my personal (less than ideal) birth experience, I am extremely passionate about educating women about childbirth. I have taken hours and hours of classes on pregnancy and childbirth; I am constantly reading and studying up on the most current issues and studies. 

I think it is extremely important for mothers and couples to prepare for birth, to learn their options, to learn about the medications available to them, to learn about the procedures that their baby may endure during the labor process. As a parent, it is the first step to making informed decisions, decisions that not only effect mom but can also affect the baby. Here are my top 6 reasons to take a childbirth class. 

The information you get from the educator is current and credible. 

A good childbirth educator, is experienced, update to date and well versed on current studies. She can provide evidence-based information for you to go back to. So you can do your own research and decide what feels right for you. 

You can ask questions that apply to your specific goals or situations. 

Sure you can go to Google for this, but isn’t it easier getting an answer straight from a professional? Your instructor can usually also answer questions about your specific hospital or planned location for birth. And she can give you local resources. 

Gets you and your birth coach on the same page. 

We talk about a lot of things in childbirth classes that neither mom nor the birth coach may have known about, this creates a dialogue between you as you begin to plan your birth. This will provide your birth coach will tools and insight of how to best support you and your goals. 

You get hands on practice. 

We practice comfort measures and relaxation techniques. What is back a labor, and how can I help?  Oh, I remember this from our class, counter pressure, lets try a double hip squeeze! Nothing beats hands on practice. 

We learn about procedures, medications and other interventions. 

Learn what else comes with the epidural (catheter, heart rate monitor, fetal monitoring, possibly pitocin…). That there is a 15% chance that your epidural will not numb you all the way. What is an internal fetal monitor and why would I need it? What if I need a c-section, what should I expect? Knowledge is power; it helps eliminate the fear of the unknown that childbirth tends to hold against us. 

Your get to be around other pregnant women who are going through the same thing.

It is comforting to know you are not alone. Childbirth classes are great places to meet other moms who are going to have babies around the same age are yours. 

Unfold Yoga offers a variety of childbirth education classes. Check our workshop schedule for the current dates. Don't have time to make to a class? All childbirth classes are also available on a one-on-one basis, around your schedule and at your home. Contact us for details.