What should I expect during childbirth?

Expectations of Childbirth: 
Trust, Non-Attachment & Patience


Part of the fear many of us have about birth is the pain and the fear of the unknown. Most of us just know what we know from television and horrible stories people tell us.

There is an analogy that talks about how birth is a lot like a marathon: 

They are both physical, and painful. 
You have to keep focused on your end goal. 
They require some serious physical and mental endurance. 
There is medical staff on hand should you need it. 
You may know the track, but the weather can always change on you. 

Then the two begin to differ. We can prepare for childbirth, we can take all the classes, read all the books, exercise and create our perfect birth plan, yet things can take often unexpected routes. 

Childbirth is 100% unpredictable. The best think we can do is educate ourselves and prepare the best we can. We must be flexible and as hippy as it may sound, simply trust the process; as women our bodies were built to do this. Birth may be 11 hours, birth may be 30 hours, we may have a natural birth, or we may have a cesarean birth. We want a healthy mom (a mom that feels like she made informed decisions and played her part) and a healthy baby. 

Start to release any rigid ideas you may be holding onto about the birth process. Release fears and allow yourself to trust your body and trust the process. At the onset of labor, the best thing you can do is relax and let it happen. (Adrenaline slows labor). The more we practice non-attachment now the better experience we will have both in childbirth and in parenting. And any parent knows (and you will know soon enough), raising children is also a balance of trust, patience and non-attachment. 

Happy Birthing!!