Unfold Teacher Feature: Thea Pueschel


Name: Thea Pueschel
Nickname: Miss Thea
Adopted Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Place: Southern Spain (Seville, Cardoba, Granada)
Favorite Color: Green
What’s your sign? Crab wood rabbit - Cancer

Most embarrassing moment: There are so many to choose from. When I was in my twenties I worked in a casino I was moving a food tray when my foot hit an above ground outlet I went flying, the food tray went flying. A bowl of soup flew off the tray and hit a customer in the leg. Fortunately, the soup was not hot, no one was injured. That is except for my ego. My boss at the time said to me that "working with you is like watching an old Buster Keaton film, you know something was going to be flying or falling but never know what. And always good for a laugh."

Most empowering moment: When I decided to take the leap into full time private practice as a hypnotherapist and yoga instructor. I had plotted and planned for 5 years to do so. I won my freedom 2 years ago this September. I saved and I built for those 5 years. Taking a leap toward your dream required much planning but it is worth it.

Fun fact about you: I've been a vegetarian since I was 7 years old. The only one in my family. I joke that my calling to teaching was a result of already being a vegetarian so it seemed like a good match and I already had a leg up. (I do not think you need to be a vegi head to practice yoga)

How do you define yoga? This is a very involved question. Because Yoga is so many things. If you ask me how I define asana, I would say it is the shape we put the body into. The word Yoga however to me translates into embodiment, union, bliss and actualization. I think that creating a definition of yoga is an extremely personal experience and outside of the general definition of yoke or union I think the definition can be many things for many people and all can be correct.

Why do you teach? A quick answer is that it is fun to share my love of yoga with others.  The long answer is yoga is a powerful  tool for transformation that can empower people as well as aid them on their healing journey. I think the greatest aspect of my work is when I get to see someone take the practice and make it their own or how their practice gives them power and the ability to stand up for themselves or take powerful leaps of faith within their lives because they are grounded.

What is your most memorable yoga moment?  The first time I went back into camel I felt that my heart exploded with joy and bliss. Professionally, when I was at YogaJournalLIVE! in San Francisco in January and my teacher told me at the beginning of the first workshop (filled with primarily yoga teachers) that I was going to teach something, I wouldn't know what or when. Then I had to raise to the challenge. I know I am a operate within my comfort zone type of person, so every once in a while I need a nudge. I am so glad I did.

Thea teaches our Wednesday 5:30pm Core Flow Vinyasa and Saturday 10:30am Yoga Blend. She also teaches a variety of awesome workshops that are accessible to everyone and can help grow your practice tremendously! 

Website www.theapueschel.com
Instagram @artistofling
Facebook @theapueschelyoga