Unfold Teacher Feature: Isabelle Laski


Name: Isabelle Laski
Nick Name: Izzy or Iz
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Favorite Place: At home with my hubby and my dog. Outside of home: It's a tie between San Diego, Boston, MA and Portland, OR
Favorite Color: Purple
What’s your sign? Capricorn
Most embarrassing moment? Accidentally sending a mass e-mail at work: it was an inside joke to a co-worker
Most empowering moment? When I first drove over 300 miles by myself. 
Fun fact about you. I am a Star Wars Geek (and Game of Thrones and Walking Dead). 
What is your favorite pastime (other than yoga)? Photography (for fun)
How do you define yoga? Yoga is a journey of going deeper than the surface; connecting your body, your mind and your soul. 
Why do you teach? I teach because yoga has (and still is) doing wonders for me--it has helped me cope with stress, it has helped me learn about myself and my body and also, to accept things I cannot control;  I know that there are so many people like me who are going through this. Yoga is a fantastic journey and amazing world that I hope more people can get into and incorporate it in their lives. 
What is your favorite song to play in class? "Destiny" by Zero 7
What is your most memorable yoga moment? The first time I was able to do a headstand during my teacher training. I remember laughing from sheer joy and shock; everyone was cheering for me (the upside down view of everyone supporting me was pretty cool, too!)