Birth Doula Consulting with April Lovett

Are you looking for some extra support, but maybe a birth doula is not what you need/want? Maybe there are budget restrictions, maybe you are looking for educational support and experience to guide you on this journey, or maybe you don’t live nearby but would like me to help support you on this journey. Whatever the reason, this offering was created to give you the pieces of how I also support my birth doula clients. My goal is to empower you and your birth team as you navigate this experience. All of these options (other than the limited birth doula support) can be done remotely, so it does not matter where you live! Options listed below are a la carte birth doula services.


1.5 hour Prenatal Consultation


This consultation is designed to help you navigate the 1sttrimester. Some things that may be included in this consultation would be:  

  • Selecting a care provider

  • Deciding where to have your baby

  • Building your birth team of support people and gathering resources like chiropractors, acupuncturists etc. 

  • Knowing what childbirth classes are available and what might be the best fit for you

  • Recommending reading 

  • Movements for pregnancy to help with aches and pains and create balance in the body 

  • Relaxation techniques and pelvic floor exercises to prep for pregnancy and birth 


Some things that may be included in this consultation could be:  

  •  Creating a birth plan and knowing alternative options if things don’t go as “planned”

  • Discuss questions that came up after your childbirth classes 

  • Practice hands on labor positions and techniques 

  • Practice pushing techniques and options

  • Discuss and address fears and apprehensions about the pregnancy, birth and postpartum process

  • Review postpartum and how to prepare

  • Practice and review different relaxation techniques

  • Pelvic floor exercises of pregnancy and postpartum

  • Put together a movement and relaxation practice specifically for you to relax during pregnancy, prepare for birth and postpartum.

CHILDBIRTH CLASS (2,4,6 hour intensives available)

These are condensed classes based around your specific goals and desires for the birth process. My classes are evidence based and designed to ensure you know your options and what questions to ask your care provider if things come up during the birth process. These classes leave you feeling empowered in your knowledge to bring your baby into this world. The longer the class the more we can cover. The 2 hour class is also a great refresher or supplement to a hospital class.

Unlimited Text Support During Pregnancy

So many questions come up during pregnancy. They can be related to how you are feeling, tests your care provider wants to perform on you or baby, knowing if you are in labor or not, how to handle talk of a possible induction and so on. This option gives you unlimited access to me via text, so when questions come up, you have someone to help guide you. 

Unlimited Text/Phone Support During Your Birthing Time

I would be on call during your possible birth time (37-42 weeks). Meaning you have access to me via text or phone, day or night, with any questions or support that you may need.  

Limited Birth Doula Support (2 hours)

I can come to you during labor if you feel that you really need some extra support, calm, experience or guidance. During this time I can help assess the situation, assist your birth coach or team in supporting you, give you ideas to help a stalled out labor, suggest different positions, use Spinning Baby Techniques and so on. 

I support women no matter their goals or plans for birth; un-medicated, medicated, it does not matter. All birthing mamas need and deserve to feel supported and empowered during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  If you are interested in any of these options or have more questions, please reach out to me for a complementary consultation.

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