Pelvic Floor + Preparing to Push Workshop

The pelvic floor, we all have one, but we forget how important it really is until there is a problem, or we get pregnant. The pelvic floor, all 17 muscles, are the foundation to our core and the true center of our body. Everything is connected, and problems in the pelvic floor and the pelvis often play a role in things like pelvic pain, back pain, knee pain...the list goes on. 


Our Pelvic Floor Workshop is for all women, women of all ages and stages: pregnant women, postpartum women, women who have never had babies, menopausal women. . . This workshop addresses how to feel into the pelvic floor by breathing properly, improving posture by learning to finding a neutral pelvis in all positions, how to do kegels, the right way! As well as how to work on imbalances in the pelvic floor and incorporate this work into your daily life and yoga practice. 

The last 30 Minutes of this workshop is dedicated specifically to "preparing to push", during this time other ladies in the workshop are given direction to practice different movements and poses that we learned during class. 

Private Sessions

Not sure how to connect to your pelvic floor, have pain or incontinence? Want to learn how to work your pelvic floor and move your pelvis functionally in your yoga practice? Want to learn how to work the pelvic floor properly (Surprise! The answer is not kegels!) or prepare for pushing and postpartum healing? 

Private sessions are available with April. April has studied the pelvic floor for 6-years, has worked through pelvic pain and has trained with Pelvic Floor guru Leslie Howard.